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"In athletics there's always been a willingness to cheat if it looks like you're not cheating. I think that's just a quirk of human nature." - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Make picture quote!
"There was a Republican majority of the Senate, and it tempered the nature of the nominations being made." - Spencer Abraham Make picture quote!
"Save for the wild force of Nature, nothing moves in this world that is not Greek in its origin." - John Acton Make picture quote!
"Save for the wild force of Nature, nothing moves in this world that is not Greek in its origin." - Lord Acton Make picture quote!
"When I died my hair red the first time, I felt as if it was what nature intended. I have been accused of being a bit of a spitfire, so in that way, I absolutely live up to the stereotype. The red hair suits my personality. I was a terrible blonde!" - Amy Adams Make picture quote!
"To photograph truthfully and effectively is to see beneath the surfaces and record the qualities of nature and humanity which live or are latent in all things." - Ansel Adams Make picture quote!
"There are worlds of experience beyond the world of the aggressive man, beyond history, and beyond science. The moods and qualities of nature and the revelations of great art are equally difficult to define; we can grasp them only in the depths of our perceptive spirit." - Ansel Adams Make picture quote!
"Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man." - Henry B. Adams Make picture quote!
"Knowledge of human nature is the beginning and end of political education." - Henry B. Adams Make picture quote!
"All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation." - John Adams Make picture quote!
"The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but only to have the law of nature for his rule." - Samuel Adams Make picture quote!
"In the end of five years I made supplication to the king to go out of this land, desiring to see my poor wife and children according to conscience and nature." - Will Adams Make picture quote!
"To be perfectly just is an attribute of the divine nature; to be so to the utmost of our abilities, is the glory of man." - Joseph Addison Make picture quote!
"There is not so variable a thing in nature as a lady's head-dress." - Joseph Addison Make picture quote!
"The stars shall fade away, the sun himself Grow dim with age, and nature sink in years, But thou shalt flourish in immortal youth, Unhurt amidst the wars of elements, The wrecks of matter, and the crush of worlds." - Joseph Addison Make picture quote!
"Man is subject to innumerable pains and sorrows by the very condition of humanity, and yet, as if nature had not sown evils enough in life, we are continually adding grief to grief and aggravating the common calamity by our cruel treatment of one another." - Joseph Addison Make picture quote!
"Mutability of temper and inconsistency with ourselves is the greatest weakness of human nature." - Joseph Addison Make picture quote!
"Men may change their climate, but they cannot change their nature. A man that goes out a fool cannot ride or sail himself into common sense." - Joseph Addison Make picture quote!
"The chief ingredients in the composition of those qualities that gain esteem and praise, are good nature, truth, good sense, and good breeding." - Joseph Addison Make picture quote!
"The science of the mind can only have for its proper goal the understanding of human nature by every human being, and through its use, brings peace to every human soul." - Alfred Adler Make picture quote!
"Nature is something outside our body, but the mind is within us." - Bhumibol Adulyadej Make picture quote!
"Married love between man and woman is bigger than oaths guarded by right of nature." - Aeschylus Make picture quote!
"Study nature, not books." - Louis Agassiz Make picture quote!
"The study of Nature is intercourse with the Highest Mind. You should never trifle with Nature." - Louis Agassiz Make picture quote!
"When I first began to combine letters other than Hebrew, I read every book in German that came my way, and from these I certainly received according to the nature of my soul." - Shmuel Y. Agnon Make picture quote!
"I'm experimental by nature... always exploring my creativity." - Christina Aguilera Make picture quote!
"I was really glad to meet Jane Clark because it did give me an insight. I couldn't imagine what kind of woman she was. I was hugely impressed by her energy, straightforward nature and enthusiasm for life." - Jenny Agutter Make picture quote!
"Global equations undergo changes, this is their nature." - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Make picture quote!
"Abstraction is real, probably more real than nature." - Josef Albers Make picture quote!
"We must always take from nature what we paint and always choose the most beautiful things." - Leon Battista Alberti Make picture quote!
"Gossip is nature's telephone." - Sholom Aleichem Make picture quote!
"Nature never makes any blunders, when she makes a fool she means it." - Archibald Alexander Make picture quote!
"The structure of life I have described in buildings - the structure which I believe to be objective - is deeply and inextricably connected with the human person, and with the innermost nature of human feeling." - Christopher Alexander Make picture quote!
"Such being the nature of mental life, the business of psychology is primarily to describe in detail the various forms which attention or conation assumes upon the different levels of that life." - Samuel Alexander Make picture quote!
"Art, as far as it is able, follows nature, as a pupil imitates his master; thus your art must be, as it were, God's grandchild." - Dante Alighieri Make picture quote!
"While we are under the tyranny of Priests, it will ever be their interest, to invalidate the law of nature and reason, in order to establish systems incompatible therewith." - Ethan Allen Make picture quote!
"The nature of the Catilinarian conspiracy was bad and bloody." - Florence E. Allen Make picture quote!
"The more intense the nature of a man, the more readily will he find meditation, and the more successfully will he practice it." - James Allen Make picture quote!
"Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once." - Woody Allen Make picture quote!
"I am two with nature." - Woody Allen Make picture quote!
"I'm aware of the mystery around us, so I write about coincidences, premonitions, emotions, dreams, the power of nature, magic." - Isabel Allende Make picture quote!
"It is human nature that rules the world, not governments and regimes." - Svetlana Alliluyeva Make picture quote!
"I am one of those people who are blessed, or cursed, with a nature which has to interfere. If I see a thing that needs doing I do it." - Margery Allingham Make picture quote!
"Indeed, we are privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to study Nature and to follow our own thoughts and inspirations in a time of relative tranquillity and in a land with a generous and forward-looking government." - Sidney Altman Make picture quote!
"The relative property of the Son is to be begotten, that is, so to proceed from the Father as to be a participant of the same essence and perfectly carry on the Father's nature." - William Ames Make picture quote!
"In the exercise of God's efficiency, the decree of God comes first. This manner of working is the most perfect of all and notably agrees with the divine nature." - William Ames Make picture quote!
"Everyone who understands the nature of God rightly necessarily knows that God is to be believed and hoped in, that he is to be loved and called upon, and to be heard in all things." - William Ames Make picture quote!
"He who asks of life nothing but the improvement of his own nature... is less liable than anyone else to miss and waste life." - Henri Frederic Amiel Make picture quote!
"In nature there are few sharp lines." - A. R. Ammons Make picture quote!
"I am grateful for - though I can't keep up with - the flood of articles, theses, and textbooks that mean to share insight concerning the nature of poetry." - A. R. Ammons Make picture quote!
"Comedy is second nature for me." - Anthony Anderson Make picture quote!
"All of my work is based on nature. I grew up in a rural environment and living in the Bay Area allows for immediate access to wonderful natural environs. Basically nature is my Genus Loci, or the place where my spirit resides." - Judith Anderson Make picture quote!
"I suppose I might insist on making issues of things. But that is not my nature, and I always bear in ming that my mission is to leave behind me the kind of impression that will make it easier for those who follow." - Marian Anderson Make picture quote!
"None of us is responsible for the complexion of his skin. This fact of nature offers no clue to the character or quality of the person underneath." - Marian Anderson Make picture quote!
"Nothing. We're all friends and friendly. So when the cameras go down, depending on the mood or the nature of the material we're dealing with, there's usually a kind of a prevailing light attitude that's floating around." - Richard Dean Anderson Make picture quote!
"When you look at Japanese traditional architecture, you have to look at Japanese culture and its relationship with nature. You can actually live in a harmonious, close contact with nature - this very unique to Japan." - Tadao Ando Make picture quote!
"You are a pest, by the very nature of that camera in your hand." - Princess Anne Make picture quote!
"When man becomes reconciled to nature, when space becomes his true background, these words and concepts will have lost their meaning, and we will no longer have to use them." - Michelangelo Antonioni Make picture quote!
"A structure becomes architectural, and not sculptural, when its elements no longer have their justification in nature." - Guillaume Apollinaire Make picture quote!
"Without poets, without artists, men would soon weary of nature's monotony." - Guillaume Apollinaire Make picture quote!
"The plastic virtues: purity, unity, and truth, keep nature in subjection." - Guillaume Apollinaire Make picture quote!
"Whatever is received is received according to the nature of the recipient." - Thomas Aquinas Make picture quote!
"As regards the individual nature, woman is defective and misbegotten, for the active power of the male seed tends to the production of a perfect likeness in the masculine sex; while the production of a woman comes from defect in the active power." - Thomas Aquinas Make picture quote!
"By nature all men are equal in liberty, but not in other endowments." - Thomas Aquinas Make picture quote!
"We know that the nature of genius is to provide idiots with ideas twenty years later." - Louis Aragon Make picture quote!
"Let who will boast their courage in the field, I find but little safety from my shield, Nature's, not honour's law we must obey: This made me cast my useless shield away." - Archilochus Make picture quote!
"It is in the very nature of things human that every act that has once made its appearance and has been recorded in the history of mankind stays with mankind as a potentiality long after its actuality has become a thing of the past." - Hannah Arendt Make picture quote!
"By its very nature the beautiful is isolated from everything else. From beauty no road leads to reality." - Hannah Arendt Make picture quote!
"Such fire was not by water to be drowned, nor he his nature changed by changing ground." - Ludovico Ariosto Make picture quote!
"Nature made him, and then broke the mold." - Ludovico Ariosto Make picture quote!
"The moral virtues, then, are produced in us neither by nature nor against nature. Nature, indeed, prepares in us the ground for their reception, but their complete formation is the product of habit." - Aristotle Make picture quote!
"For as the eyes of bats are to the blaze of day, so is the reason in our soul to the things which are by nature most evident of all." - Aristotle Make picture quote!
"All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire." - Aristotle Make picture quote!
"He who can be, and therefore is, another's, and he who participates in reason enough to apprehend, but not to have, is a slave by nature." - Aristotle Make picture quote!
"Man is by nature a political animal." - Aristotle Make picture quote!
"Nature does nothing in vain." - Aristotle Make picture quote!
"Hence poetry is something more philosophic and of graver import than history, since its statements are rather of the nature of universals, whereas those of history are singulars." - Aristotle Make picture quote!
"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." - Aristotle Make picture quote!
"It's a great event to get outside and enjoy nature. I find it very exciting no matter how many times I see bald eagles." - Karen Armstrong Make picture quote!
"I think we're going to the moon because it's in the nature of the human being to face challenges. It's by the nature of his deep inner soul... we're required to do these things just as salmon swim upstream." - Neil Armstrong Make picture quote!
"The rehabilitation of order as a universal principle, however, suggested at the same time that orderliness by itself is not sufficient to account for the nature of organized systems in general or for those created by man in particular." - Rudolf Arnheim Make picture quote!
"Modem science, then, maintains on the one hand that nature, both organic and inorganic, strives towards a state of order and that man's actions are governed by the same tendency." - Rudolf Arnheim Make picture quote!
"Nature, with equal mind, Sees all her sons at play, Sees man control the wind, The wind sweep man away." - Matthew Arnold Make picture quote!
"The nature of show business is people within the business feel that if someone else fails, they move up a notch." - Tom Arnold Make picture quote!
"We've got to understand that the whole nature of the way American democracy guards its freedom has been changed." - John Ashcroft Make picture quote!
"To insult someone we call him bestial. For deliberate cruelty and nature, human might be the greater insult." - Isaac Asimov Make picture quote!
"The capacity to suffer varies more than anything that I have observed in human nature." - Margot Asquith Make picture quote!
"If journalism is good, it is controversial, by its nature." - Julian Assange Make picture quote!
"None of God's Creatures absolutely consider'd are in their own Nature Contemptible; the meanest Fly, the poorest Insect has its Use and Vertue." - Mary Astell Make picture quote!
"We still have a tradition certainly in English television; it's faded a bit in the last five years, but we still have a tradition where the important thing is the quality and the challenging nature of the programming." - Rowan Atkinson Make picture quote!
"My illness has taught me something about the nature of humanity, love, brotherhood and relationships that I never understood, and probably never would have. So, from that standpoint, there is some truth and good in everything." - Lee Atwater Make picture quote!
"'Healing,' Papa would tell me, 'is not a science, but the intuitive art of wooing nature.'" - W. H. Auden Make picture quote!
"As I grew up I was fervently desirous of becoming acquainted with Nature." - John James Audubon Make picture quote!
"Duruing all these years there existed within me a tendency to follow Nature in her walks." - John James Audubon Make picture quote!
"Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature." - Saint Augustine Make picture quote!
"Custom is second nature." - Saint Aurelius Augustine Make picture quote!
"Whatever the universal nature assigns to any man at any time is for the good of that man at that time." - Marcus Aurelius Make picture quote!
"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature." - Marcus Aurelius Make picture quote!
"Loss is nothing else but change, and change is Nature's delight." - Marcus Aurelius Make picture quote!
"Nothing happens to any man that he is not formed by nature to bear." - Marcus Aurelius Make picture quote!

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