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"It's funny because a lot of people that know me as a dancer, don't know that I'm a singer, and a lot of people that know I can sing don't know I can dance. And so, I feel like at some point I have to show them both and really be able to display it and showcase it, and put that out there." - Naima Adedapo Make picture quote!
"If I can't see the humor in it, how am I going to be funny?" - Casey Affleck Make picture quote!
"I'm always more motivated by the pain of a funny character than by what makes him funny." - Jason Alexander Make picture quote!
"The thing about For Better or Worse is the only thing that made me an okay director for that is that I have a sense of humor, and it was supposed to be funny." - Jason Alexander Make picture quote!
"Forgiveness is a funny thing, it warms the hearts and cools the sting." - Peter Allen Make picture quote!
"But it's funny that now I'm in such a happy situation, I look more objectively at my own past and see what others have seen for a long time and I'm just so glad I've been able to get to this point." - Rick Allen Make picture quote!
"I think being funny is not anyone's first choice." - Woody Allen Make picture quote!
"I realized my family was funny, because nobody ever wanted to leave our house." - Anthony Anderson Make picture quote!
"I'm not a comedian. I'm an actor who just happens to be funny on occasion." - Anthony Anderson Make picture quote!
"It's sort of an action flick. You can't be that funny trying to steal diamonds." - Anthony Anderson Make picture quote!
"It's so funny that people specify that year because in a way it was the biggest battle for me health wise." - Brady Anderson Make picture quote!
"It's so funny, because right now I'm very tired and my brains a little dead, I tend to get very focused and serious. So, I'm probably coming off a lot more like Scully right now." - Gillian Anderson Make picture quote!
"You have to be funny about it and honest about it. You can't leave yourself out of that mix. You have to be honest enough to say, I'm that messed-up one in the family." - Louie Anderson Make picture quote!
"Her friends say she is very funny. At a family dinner, she stood to go, and the footman very properly pulled her chair away. At that moment I asked her a question and she sat down again, except there was no chair. Everyone, including the Queen, laughed and laughed." - Prince Andrew Make picture quote!
"I had an idea of what I thought was funny. It's kind of based on how I am." - Jennifer Aniston Make picture quote!
"That's what I hate about a lot of comedies, when you're hitting a line or making it funny." - Jennifer Aniston Make picture quote!
"Most shows, you really have to force it. And everybody's nervous, and the network is nervous, and they've all got their notepads out, and they're all going to give notes on what they think is funny, and everybody's trying to spin their jokes, and this was so - the script was so good that we didn't have to really do anything, and it made it so easy for us to do well." - Will Arnett Make picture quote!
"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny...'" - Isaac Asimov Make picture quote!
"I like smart, funny, self-deprecating men." - Jules Asner Make picture quote!
"No, no, I was only funny on stage, really. I, I, think I was funny as a person toward my classmates when I was very young. You know, when I was a child, up to about the age of 12." - Rowan Atkinson Make picture quote!
"Let's make some funny pictures." - Tex Avery Make picture quote!
"I would do it today because the thing that appealed to me was not necessarily the mechanics of the robot, but it was his personality and how funny and charming he was." - John Badham Make picture quote!
"I'm obsessive about the kind of melodrama of getting through the days and trying to make them good and funny and a happy experience. But my feeling towards the fans is that they delivered me from darkness." - Tom Baker Make picture quote!
"The one thing that disturbs me about Alec is that people don't realize that he's really funny." - Daniel Baldwin Make picture quote!
"Don't get me wrong, there are sometimes if I go and see a really funny comedy, that I wished I had smoked a joint. I'll be honest with you. That's the truth." - Stephen Baldwin Make picture quote!
"I'm not funny. What I am is brave." - Lucille Ball Make picture quote!
"You go through at least the first two years of Star Trek and you find some amazing stuff. Everything that was going on Gene put into the series. He just put strange costumes on the actors and painted them funny colours and left the same situation in." - Majel Barrett Make picture quote!
"You put funny people in funny costumes and paint them green and we could talk about anything we wanted to, because that was the only thing that fascinated Gene about this particular genre." - Majel Barrett Make picture quote!
"I listen like mad to any conversation taking place next to me just trying to hear why this is funny. Women's restrooms are especially great. I wash my hands twice waiting for people to come in and start talking." - Lynda Barry Make picture quote!
"I need to be cheered up a lot. I think funny people are people who need to be cheered up." - Lynda Barry Make picture quote!
"I would call it a comedy variety show. We have some people just doing straight standup. We usually try to have one musical act of sort. So its just people being funny in different ways, not just sketch, not just standup, not just characters, all of those things." - Todd Barry Make picture quote!
"There is nothing funny about Halloween. This sarcastic festival reflects, rather, an infernal demand for revenge by children on the adult world." - Jean Baudrillard Make picture quote!
"I allow a lot of room for improvisation and funny stuff. I always feel planned." - Michael Bay Make picture quote!
"What's David's role? David looks good, that's what David does. David looks good, and I'm the funny one, that's what I hear constantly. But I keep telling him that looks fade." - Victoria Beckham Make picture quote!
"A lot of funny stuff happens in Canada." - Samantha Bee Make picture quote!
"I don't think the show would be funny to you if you didn't already have a base of information." - Samantha Bee Make picture quote!
"I love nerds. Comic-Con junkies are the tastemakers of tomorrow. Isn't that funny? The tables have turned." - Kristen Bell Make picture quote!
"I love nerds. Comic-Con junkies are the tastemakers of tomorrow. Isn't that funny? The tables have turned." - Kristen Bell Make picture quote!
"When I first started I was always known as The Girl on the Sitcom with the Funny Voice." - Julie Benz Make picture quote!
"It's funny, I get really nervous when I audition for voiceovers." - Julie Benz Make picture quote!
"I wasn't even 20 at the time, but it taught me something about drugs. They can take a good man, a warm, funny, loving family man, and turn him into a loser and worse." - Michael Bergin Make picture quote!
"I read a funny story about how the Republicans freed the slaves. The Republicans are the ones who created slavery by law in the 1600's. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and he was not a Republican." - Marion Berry Make picture quote!
"Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry are two of the hottest girls in the world - and so normal and funny with it. If I was a few years older they are the kind of girls I'd like to date. I want a younger version of Cheryl and Katy - a mixture of the two would be hot." - Justin Bieber Make picture quote!
"On the stage you're there, it's live. There's a beginning, a middle, an end. When something is funny you hear it right away." - Theodore Bikel Make picture quote!
"Well what's funny is, again, people say they believed what was going on, but again, Bob's hands are about three times bigger than his feet. So these are very caricatured." - Brad Bird Make picture quote!
"It's funny how the hippies and the punks tried to get rid of the conservatives, but they always seem to get the upper hand in the end." - Bjork Make picture quote!
"I got to dress up in funny clothes and run around New Zealand with a bow and arrow for 18 months, how bad could that be?" - Orlando Bloom Make picture quote!
"If you look at the game and everything, it's not quite like looking at an animated film, because that's total character. This, this is really movement, but it's got funny little things if you look for the humor. They're actually getting to the character." - Don Bluth Make picture quote!
"So to me, Texas Hold 'em puts me to sleep. At least when you play stud, you can be funny as you deal. Somebody some day is going to come up with a Stud show that's going to work." - Joseph Bologna Make picture quote!
"When I was a kid, there was no distinction between a movie about old people or young people. It was either funny or not. It was either entertaining or not. It was either exciting or not. It was either thrilling or not." - Joseph Bologna Make picture quote!
"My company is known for being funny as well as moving. You get a bit of everything in these shows. I think people know they're going to have a surprising experience." - Matthew Bourne Make picture quote!
"I made a supreme effort not to do that thing that parents do, which is to bore people without children to death by going on and on about how funny their children are, so there's none of that hopefully." - Jo Brand Make picture quote!
"Who do I like? I am a big fan of French and Saunders - not that that they are particularly stand-up I have to say, but I think they have been great for women and they are of themselves just incredibly funny whether they are male or female." - Jo Brand Make picture quote!
"The thing I thought about doing it was it's Comic Relief and you've got to be funny. So although I did try to sing properly it obviously has hilarious results when you can't sing." - Jo Brand Make picture quote!
"Being a funny person does an awful lot of things to you. You feel that you mustn't get serious with people. They don't expect it from you, and they don't want to see it. You're not entitled to be serious, you're a clown." - Fanny Brice Make picture quote!
"I love the part of Hector as it takes me back to playing eccentric parts. He is a funny character, which is fine by me as I've been playing for laughs for decades now! It's lovely to get a laugh; it's the best thing in the world!" - Richard Briers Make picture quote!
"The funny thing is all these school shootings that we have, always happen in very religious communities. Maybe it's because the centre of their lives is a big fat nothing and it's just a fantasy and there's nothing there. I think maybe that might have something to do with it." - Matthew Bright Make picture quote!
"In the Netherlands I read the first chapter of Exquisite Corpse to an audience that laughed in all the places I thought were funny - an experience I've never had in America!" - Poppy Z. Brite Make picture quote!
"It's funny how a film about a murderous old English toff can help you." - Jim Broadbent Make picture quote!
"I awake with a not entirely sickened knowledge that I am merely young again and in a funny way at peace, an observer who is aware of time's chariot, aware that some metamorphosis has occurred." - Harold Brodkey Make picture quote!
"It's funny how a chubby kid can just be having fun, and people call it entertainment!" - Garth Brooks Make picture quote!
"I value comedy. I value somebody who can be funny." - James L. Brooks Make picture quote!
"A rich man's joke is always funny." - Thomas Edward Brown Make picture quote!
"It's funny how most activists are pacifists." - Craig Bruce Make picture quote!
"It's funny how social activists usually protest against the only things that have a credible chance of achieving the activists' goals." - Craig Bruce Make picture quote!
"I think back to some of the things Harry said and some of the things I said trying to be funny. If I said them now, it would be on the front page of every newspaper in the country." - Jack Buck Make picture quote!
"They're great girls. They're very funny, they're very smart, they're fun to be with. They're very lively, as I think people can tell. And you know, they're very confident girls." - Laura Bush Make picture quote!
"I was lucky. My family is wonderful. And it's funny, because most of my best friends come from very large families. So it always felt as if I had lots of siblings, though in the end I had to leave them and go home. I kind of got the best of both worlds as a kid." - Sophia Bush Make picture quote!
"Well in the book Carrie was my alter ego. In real life, Sarah Jessica and I don't look anything alike. But people do say that we sound alike. Sarah Jessica is an adorable girl and she is very funny." - Candace Bushnell Make picture quote!
"The British are so funny. It's like they can't believe I lived in Hackney. 'You could live in Bondi Beach. Why would you want to live in 'Ackney?' But Hackney's fantastic. I'm serious. There are so many artists there. I loved the markets, the parks, the pubs, the diversity. It was a cultural melting-pot." - Rose Byrne Make picture quote!
"There's a story everywhere. Being bored to death someplace is basically a funny proposition. What you have to watch out for is you don't write a boring story about a boring place." - Tim Cahill Make picture quote!
"Funny things happen to you in movies for silly reasons." - Michael Caine Make picture quote!
"Scream was great for what it was. For a horror film, it was intelligent, it was funny, it took a laugh at itself." - Neve Campbell Make picture quote!
"To be able to make a good living in a challenging medium like soap operas is great. The best is that I get to act and am rewarded for it. And the people I work with are great. Funny, intelligent, hard working. They're all great to be around." - David Canary Make picture quote!
"It's just something that's sort of funny, sort of not." - Max Cannon Make picture quote!
"Nothing's funny about someone who's successful." - Drew Carey Make picture quote!
"Billy Tauzin is one of the most interesting people in Washington. He is smart, funny, and interesting." - Tucker Carlson Make picture quote!
"I am always drawn to men that are funny. I do not know why. But I am always drawn to people that are struggling with parts of themselves... But it's like in the end, there has to be confidence." - Vanessa Carlton Make picture quote!
"This is funny because I just had a job over the summer for VH1, a project I did called Strange Frequency where I got to play a Goth rock band singer." - Charisma Carpenter Make picture quote!
"I don't need to convince anybody that I know kung fu, but maybe somebody needs to know that I really can act, without doing a Chinese accent or a funny walk." - David Carradine Make picture quote!
"I play a female Indiana Jones, a professor who hunts down precious objects, like a bowl that belonged to the Buddha. They tailored the role to me: I wanted to be smart, funny, and to kick some ass." - Tia Carrere Make picture quote!
"I got a lot of support from my parents. That's the one thing I always appreciated. They didn't tell me I was being stupid; they told me I was being funny." - Jim Carrey Make picture quote!
"I am accusing him of stealing my best material, he was a very funny man." - Frank Carson Make picture quote!
"We didn't even think about it, you know? I used to collect laser discs, and you'd have some college professor analyzing It's a Wonderful Life or Citizen Kane, and now it is pretty funny - the idea of commentary for a silly kid's movie, you know?" - Dana Carvey Make picture quote!
"It's the cushiest job, but some lines are so funny that I crack up." - Dan Castellaneta Make picture quote!
"It's funny, I had dinner with my dear friend John Spencer last night and I'm not in the first episode, but he's at the beginning of it and he was telling me about it and I thought this sounds very hot because I think this is definitely the last year of West Wing." - Stockard Channing Make picture quote!
"It is not funny that anything else should fall down; only that a man should fall down. Why do we laugh? Because it is a gravely religious matter: it is the Fall of Man. Only man can be absurd: for only man can be dignified." - Gilbert K. Chesterton Make picture quote!
"The anger that Uncle Junior has comes from my background. My father was the son of an Italian immigrant, and I've seen the fire of the Italian temperament. It can be explosive sometimes in ways that are both funny and tragic." - Dominic Chianese Make picture quote!
"The funny thing about making this record and being away from the girls and on my own in LA is that it allowed me to reflect on how much we've accomplished." - Melanie Chisholm Make picture quote!
"The funny thing is, Dennis Miller got me back into comedy." - Tommy Chong Make picture quote!
"But I think once the word gets out that the movie is funny - funny is transcendent - it will traverse all demographic barriers if people embrace it as a funny movie." - Thomas Haden Church Make picture quote!
"At boarding school you had to wear your name across your chest and your back, and obviously I had a pretty funny name. It wasn't Brown or Smith or Hughes." - Diane Cilento Make picture quote!
"Kids enjoy laughing and are seldom bored when they find something funny. They also ask questions, often to adults, because they understand that the more words they can comprehend about a funny story or a joke, the more they'll enjoy it." - Brian P. Cleary Make picture quote!
"I've never really understood that. It's a funny thing; people sometimes accuse us of condescending to our characters somehow-that to me is kind of inexplicable." - Joel Coen Make picture quote!
"It's a funny thing because you look at the careers of other filmmakers, and you see them sort of slow down, and you realize, maybe this becomes harder to do as you get older. That's sort of a cautionary thing. I hope it doesn't happen to me." - Joel Coen Make picture quote!
"Hurried and worried until we're buried, and there's no curtain call, Lifes a very funny proposition after all." - George M. Cohan Make picture quote!
"But movies as much as anything developed what I thought was right and wrong, what was honorable, what wasn't, what was funny what wasn't... what had some depth to it, what didn't." - Dabney Coleman Make picture quote!
"But it was this tough little character part that I was playing, a very funny little guy that I invented over a weekend, because I realized I was not contributing to the humor of this thing. And I had to do something." - Dabney Coleman Make picture quote!
"It's funny looking at yourself. You know how it is when you look back at old pictures? It's just funny looking back at yourself walking and talking at age 14." - Jennifer Connelly Make picture quote!
"Nowadays they have 12 directors and 15 producers and 30 writers. And all the writers want their lines said a certain way-which isn't necessarily funny. I mean the lines aren't necessarily so funny to begin with." - Tim Conway Make picture quote!

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