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When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom that profit loses.
You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.
Tremendous amounts of talent are lost to our society just because that talent wears a skirt.
There is little place in the political scheme of things for an independent, creative personality, for a fighter. Anyone who takes that role must pay a...
The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says: It's a girl.
Service is the rent that you pay for room on this earth.
I don't measure America by its achievement but by its potential.
Congress seems drugged and inert most of the time... its idea of meeting a problem is to hold hearings or, in extreme cases, to appoint a commission.
At present, our country needs women's idealism and determination, perhaps more in politics than anywhere else.

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"The liberals in the House strongly resemble liberals I have known through the last two decades in the civil rights conflict. When it comes time to show on which side they will be counted, they excuse themselves." Make picture quote!

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