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"One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again. " - Abraham Maslow Make picture quote!
"Some folks are wise and some are otherwise." - Tobias Smollett Make picture quote!
"The trust I have is in mine innocence, and therefore am I bold and resolute." - William Shakespeare Make picture quote!
"There is a lady sweet and kind, Was never face so pleased my mind; I did but see her passing by, And yet I love her till I die." - Thomas Ford Make picture quote!
"If your energy is as boundless as your ambition, total commitment may be a way of life you should seriously consider." - Joyce Brothers Make picture quote!
"Happiness includes chiefly the idea of satisfaction after full honest effort. No one can possibly be satisfied and no one can be happy who feels that in some paramount affairs he failed to take up the challenge of life." - Arnold Bennett Make picture quote!
"What is called genius is the abundance of life and health." - Henry David Thoreau Make picture quote!
"It is easy to perform a good action, but not easy to acquire a settled habit of performing such actions." - Aristotle Make picture quote!
"Deeds, not words shall speak to me. " - John Fletcher Make picture quote!
"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and made things happen. " - Elinor Smith Make picture quote!
"Often paraphrased as: Always be a little kinder than necessary." - Stephen Grellet Make picture quote!
"another phrasing: If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind." - Harry S Truman Make picture quote!
"Your central self is totally untouched By grief, confusion, desperation." - Vernon Howard Make picture quote!
"commenting on his consecutive-game streak (211 at the time of this article)" - Henry Ford Make picture quote!
"Do more than is required. What is the distance between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following? The extra mile." - Gary Ryan Blair Make picture quote!
"You must live with people to know their problems, and live with God in order to solve them." - P. T. Forsyth Make picture quote!
"Optimism doesn't wait on facts. It deals with prospects. Pessimism is a waste of time." - Norman Cousins Make picture quote!
"To learn, you have to listen. To improve, you have to try. " - Thomas Jefferson Make picture quote!
"Creativity means believing you have greatness." - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Make picture quote!
"Never continue in a job you don't enjoy. If you're happy in what you're doing, you'll like yourself, you'll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you will have had more success than you could possibly have imagined." - Johnny Carson Make picture quote!
"There is a wisdom of the head, and ... a wisdom of the heart." - Charles Dickens Make picture quote!
"We must leave our mark on our life while we have it in our power. " - Isak Dinesen Make picture quote!
"Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity." - Edwin Land Make picture quote!
"I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love." - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Make picture quote!
"Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing." - Harriet Braiker Make picture quote!

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