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Make your own unique picture quote in 3 easy steps.

1. Navigate to the quote you would like to make. Browse by author or by tags, or check for random quotes. Then click the link.

2. Select image and size. You can select between small size - 800x450 px (for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest) or big size - 1920x1080px (for HD wallpapers).

3. Click and drag the text over the image to a desired position. You can modify quote & author text color, size, font type, background box color...


Options and Features:

Most options are self explanatory, like font size,color, shadow, so let's take a look at other. Using line break after and background box.
Line break after breaks text in new lines. Perfect, if the quote is very long and doesn't fit in the desired position.
Background box changes the quote background box color. Do not forget to change the transparency! Default is on 0, so it won't be visible. The same applies for the border color.

Please note that some options (like text shadow, align justify) are visible only after you click on the make quote button (which renders the picture).
If you are not happy with the rendered image, don't forget to click the RESET button, otherwise changes won't be visible.

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