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Music at times is more like perfume than mathematics.

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"But a science is exact to the extent that its method measures up to and is adequate to its object." Make picture quote!
"But however measurable, there is much more life in music than mathematics or logic ever dreamed of." Make picture quote!
"The wise man knows how to run his life so that contemplation is Possible." Make picture quote!
"The striking thing about the Precious Blood is the bond it establishes between love and suffering in our experience, a bond that has become so close that we have come to think of suffering accepted with joy as the most authentic sign of love with any depth at all." Make picture quote!
"The dynamic element in my philosophy, taken as a whole, can be seen as an obstinate and untiring battle against the spirit of abstraction." Make picture quote!
"On a grassroots level we say that man can touch more than he can grasp." Make picture quote!
"Metaphysics is a science." Make picture quote!
"It is right that we be concerned with the scientific probity of metaphysics." Make picture quote!
"Contemporary thinkers would say that man is continuously transcending himself." Make picture quote!

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