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Eden Phillpotts Quotes

Eden Phillpotts picture quotes and sayings

The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

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"The people sensible enough to give good advice are usually sensible enough to give none." Make picture quote!
"We always think every other man's job is easier than our own. The better he does it, the easier it looks." Make picture quote!
"I used to hurt so badly that I'd ask God why, what have I done to deserve any of this? I feel now He was preparing me for this, for the future. That's the way I see it." Make picture quote!
"I had no ambition to make a fortune. Mere money-making has never been my goal, I had an ambition to build." Make picture quote!
"You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance." Make picture quote!
"If you go on working with the light available, you will meet your Master, as he himself will be seeking you." Make picture quote!

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