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"The road Cordelia has travelled, the journey she has taken up to now has been such a joy to play as an actress, because there have been so many chances to do so many different emotions." Make picture quote!
"You know, nothing is ever happily-ever-after. Ever." Make picture quote!
"When you gain 50 pounds during pregnancy like I did, you fear that you'll never get back in shape." Make picture quote!
"When I was first starting out, and I was less established, I was really concerned about being typecast." Make picture quote!
"Well, they know that I'm not very anxious to get into one hour again." Make picture quote!
"There's a pretty good chance that you're going to go down when you're on a motorcycle or if you're sky diving or whatever, but that happened before I even got this job, and I haven't sky dived since." Make picture quote!
"Sure, I'd take the responsibility of queen any day." Make picture quote!
"Sometimes decisions get made and it ends up being God doing for you what you couldn't do for yourself." Make picture quote!
"So, I'm happy to do that because it's a wonderful working relationship but I will be going out for pilot season for half hour work and that's the gamble I'm taking." Make picture quote!
"So I begged, half way into season two, for them to let me cut my hair." Make picture quote!
"Oh heck yeah, I totally would love to have a Phantom Dennis in real life." Make picture quote!
"This is funny because I just had a job over the summer for VH1, a project I did called Strange Frequency where I got to play a Goth rock band singer." Make picture quote!
"I think essentially the meaning of life is probably the journey and not really any one thing or an outcome or a result." Make picture quote!
"I wrapped that Monday and started on my third episode for Miss Match on Thursday of that same week and we just wrapped yesterday cause it was split over the holiday." Make picture quote!
"I'm a mixed breed and hope to live longer because of it." Make picture quote!
"It's been a difficult thing because some great opportunities have come and I've just been holding my breath and praying... I'm basically gambling hoping something will come along this season and if not, I don't know what the future holds." Make picture quote!
"Most of the time I meet my trainer at the gym and we do a lot of everything: weights circuit with cardio, football drills, sprinting with weights on the treadmill." Make picture quote!
"I had been warned not to get on a motorcycle, sort of. I think there is a clause in most general basic contracts to keep yourself in one piece and not alter your looks without telling them first." Make picture quote!
"Cause I was such a novice and thank God that Sarah was as seasoned as she was because she was really a great leader in that regard in the sense that she would communicate really well with the crew." Make picture quote!
"I don't mind playing the same character, but if it's not well done, then I'm not interested." Make picture quote!
"I had developed a sitcom with UPN, but it wasn't picked up." Make picture quote!
"I don't think that they know fully what's happening with Miss Match so therefore I don't know how many more if any, if the show's even gonna keep going." Make picture quote!

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